Kevin And Don Respond To Being Self Loathing

Looking back at their journey from the Stonewall Democratic Club to Log Cabin Republicans, they claim it was one that was actually started by the democrats. After being told that marriage as not a priority on the agenda in 1995, they became disillusioned with the DEMS. For a decade they felt like they did not belong until they met the republicans of the Log Cabin Republican Club and discovered they too shared a dream of marriage equality. This blog is now a digital time capsule of their time as Republicans and moderated by a friend and supporter.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Kevin and Don Have Left The Party

We are no longer registered as Republicans.  Please check the Registrar of Voters to confirm it if you would like.
This blog remains as an archive of our involvement in Log Cabin Republicans and our involvement in the marriage equality movement during that period.
We worked to move Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to our side in the marriage equality movement and believe that in achieving our goal of achieving Schwarzenegger's decision to not appeal Judge Walker's trial court decision would have ended that matter.
We lived a childhood dream of teaming up with The Terminator to fight homophobia. It is our belief that Arnold, despite his all to human flaws and failing, will always be a hero to us in the marriage equality movement.
We guess we were wrong and that homophobia and fear are sufficient to confer standing on second rate stringers to the case.  However regardless of the outcome, we believe that we did what we had to do to be architects of change in the marriage equality movement.
We make no apologies for having made a proverbial Faustian Pact to achieve our goals because we did it for love.
We'd like to thank the members of Log Cabin Republicans who always supported our dream of marriage equality but do not agree with the Log Cabin leaders who turned their backs on their own members by supporting Mitt Romney.
Thank you and good bye
Kevin Norte
Don Norte
Hollywood, California.