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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

GRUEL Spurns Gay Activist's Request For Documents on Hollywood's Community of Interest

Dear Ms. Greuel:

This is to inquire why a Public Records Act request by attorney Kevin Norte was spurned by your office.

The state Legislature in 2006 determined that Hollywood “has turned a corner from the crime and dilapidation that plagued the area for decades and today has attracted billions of dollars in new development.” To promote that revitalization, lawmakers found, potential investors had to be provided with “specific data on Hollywood's population, median income, employment, housing stock, general land use, tourism, and infrastructure”—but it wasn’t available. So, the Legislature mandated, in Government Code §11093.4(a)(1):

“The State Board of Equalization, Employment Development Department, Department of Industrial Relations, Department of Finance, and the Department of Transportation, shall, in the preparation and maintenance of any statistical analyses and data, by city, either by population, fiscal, or other bases, make a separate breakdown of the community of Hollywood, and shall require the City of Los Angeles to provide all necessary data at the sole expense of the City of Los Angeles.”

Mr. Norte asked to take a look at the statistics the city has provided to the state. This response came from Donna Williams of your staff:

“We appreciate your interest in receiving public records, however the office of the Controller does not have records responsive to your request.  We can only respond to requests for documents in our possession. If you would like documents from another City department, please submit your request to that department directly.  The City of Los Angeles website,, has a list of City departments.”

The response is puzzling. That’s because under the Charter, you would have ready access to the data requested. Sec. 260 says:

“The Controller shall be the auditor and general accountant of the City and shall exercise a general supervision over the accounts of all offices, departments, boards and employees of the City charged in any manner with the receipt, collection or disbursement of the money of the City.”

Why was the information not provided or, at the least, why was Mr. Norte not told specifically where to go to get the information?

With thanks for your kind attention to this request,

Yours truly,

Roger M. Grace


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