Please excuse me for bothering you. I totally understand that this is a busy time, especially with the budget.  I am writing because some of my friends will possibly ask tomorrow night if at a minimum the First Lady will stop by our table at the Puenta event or perhaps we could have a few minutes of her time off to the side somewhere.  Besides Matt Foreman, Neil Giuliano, and Geoff Kors, who I will see tomorrow night, John Duran, Charles Robbins of The Trevor Project, Damon Romaine of GLAAD, James Vaughn of Log Cabin Republicans, Ryan J. Davis of The Huffington Post, and ourselves, Kevin and Don Norte will be at the Puenta event to support and honor the First Lady.  But I would simply like to know, if asked, if she would even stop by our table at the event.  The guys are so excited about the event.  Again, please accept my apologies but they simply want to know if they can meet "Maria".  Hey, what can i say. 
I think the both of them are doing a terrific job.