Kevin And Don Respond To Being Self Loathing

Looking back at their journey from the Stonewall Democratic Club to Log Cabin Republicans, they claim it was one that was actually started by the democrats. After being told that marriage as not a priority on the agenda in 1995, they became disillusioned with the DEMS. For a decade they felt like they did not belong until they met the republicans of the Log Cabin Republican Club and discovered they too shared a dream of marriage equality. This blog is now a digital time capsule of their time as Republicans and moderated by a friend and supporter.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Mitt Romeny: The AD

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bad Boy Blogger Ryan J. Davis Is At It Again

Chickenhawks For Clinton

San Diego Mayor Supports Gay Marriage

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders expressed his support for same-sex marriage, after revealing his daughter is gay.
See the clip here.
Read the entire statement here.

FLASHBULB: LCR Featured At Trevor Pool Party

FRONTIERS notices that the Cabin Boys made a SPLASH at the 2007 Trevor Pool Party held on August 26, 2007 at the David Cooley Estate in Hancock Park (not Windsor Square).

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Can The ACLU Tap The Toilet Troubles Away?

Let me get this STRAIGHT. Larry Craig's career ended in the toilet,or so we thought. The toilet, by all accounts is flush with tourists and is now the main attraction at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Now it seems like the ACLU is trying to get Craig out of the toilet. I hope they wash their hands and remember to flush.

Monday, September 17, 2007

'Will of people' likely Schwarzenegger mantra on same-sex marriage?

'Will of people' likely Schwarzenegger mantra on same-sex marriage?

Monday, September 17, 2007

(09-17) 04:00 PDT Sacramento --
If Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger goes through with his expected veto of San Francisco Assemblyman Mark Leno's measure to allow same-sex marriage in California, it's almost guaranteed the governor will say he's following "the will of the people."
That's the argument the Republican governor made two years ago when he rejected a similar measure. Although Schwarzenegger hasn't taken an official position on the new bill, he made clear in February that he did not intend to sign it.
"I don't want, as the governor, to go against the will of the people," Schwarzenegger said at an event put on by the YMCA, but added: "If it goes back on the ballot, the people can make the decision."
The Legislature approved the bill Sept. 7, and the governor has until Oct. 14 to sign or veto the measure.
Foes of same-sex marriage argue, along with Schwarzenegger, that California voters made their decision in March 2000, when Proposition 22, the protection of marriage initiative, was approved by a landslide 61 to 39 percent. The 14-word measure, which conservative and religious groups placed on the ballot, said simply, "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California."
But times have changed in seven years, say supporters of Leno's bill, and voters now have elected a solid majority of legislators who want to make same-sex marriage legal in California.
"The people are speaking through their elected representatives," said Seth Kilbourn, political director for Equality California, a group backing the measure. "We want the governor to keep up with the will of the people and show the type of bipartisan leadership that he has shown on so many other issues."
Since 2000, polls have found that a growing number of people favor allowing same-sex marriage, Kilbourn said. Massachusetts has allowed gay and lesbian couples to marry, as have Canada, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and South Africa.
While opponents of same-sex marriage continue to lead in California polls, the gap has tightened. A January 2000 poll by the Public Policy Institute of California showed that likely voters opposed same-sex marriage 55 to 38 percent. In a poll by the same group in June 2006, the opposition had shrunk to 48 to 46 percent.
Despite what they consider to be growing support in the state, same-sex marriage backers aren't talking about putting a same-sex marriage measure before the voters.
"I guess (a ballot initiative) is always an option," said Molly McKay, media director of Marriage Equality USA. "At the same time, it's such an expensive and difficult process. ...We look to our elected officials to pass legislation that will protect all of its citizens."
Opponents of same-sex marriage say there's a simpler reason for that reluctance: The issue is still a loser at the polls.
"It would be interesting for the same-sex marriage people to make their research public, since every survey we've done shows opposition well into the majority," said Ron Prentice, executive director of the California Family Council, which is associated with James Dobson's huge Focus on the Family Christian ministry.
Proponents of traditional marriage are so confident of their support that they are preparing ballot initiatives even stronger than Prop. 22. One or more of them could go before voters next year, either in June or November.
Prentice's group is behind a measure that would make the Prop. 22 wording part of the state Constitution, instead of just a statute, while another group of same-sex marriage foes would even bar the state from passing domestic partner laws that give same-sex couples some or all of the rights and privileges of married couples.
Leno doesn't argue that voters might turn thumbs down on a same-sex marriage initiative if one were on the ballot. It's a problem the state has seen before, he added.
In 1964, voters overwhelmingly overturned the state's Rumford Fair Housing Act, which banned racial discrimination in home sales and apartment rentals. In 1959, when the Legislature voted to allow interracial marriage in California, Leno said, it came in the face of a nationwide 1958 Gallup Poll that showed better than 90 percent of white voters were opposed to allowing blacks and whites to marry.
"If that had been put to a vote in California, it's quite likely the populace would have said 'No,' " Leno said. "Civil rights for any group should never be put to a vote of the people. This is how we prevent the tyranny of the majority over the minority."
Even if Schwarzenegger follows through and vetoes Leno's same-sex marriage bill, the assemblyman could get his wish if the state Supreme Court comes out in favor of same-sex marriage next year, when it reaches a decision on the legality of San Francisco's 2004 effort to allow same-sex marriages in the city.
Last year, a California appeals court looking at the same case seemed to suggest that it was the Legislature's responsibility to determine marriage law.
"There's no risk of people being cut out of the equation if Schwarzenegger were to sign my bill or the court was to approve same-sex marriage," Leno said.
Opponents of same-sex marriage would go to the courts and the ballot, Prentice agreed.
"I believe people would come out in droves if the state or the courts overturned what they supported seven years ago," he said.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Support Marriage Equality in California

(Photo Governor Schwarzenegger & his wife, The First Lady of California, Maria Owings Shriver (January, 2007).)
Please email Governor Schwarzenegger, and ask him to sign AB43, the
gender-neutral marriage bill for California. Go to
the governor's own Web site,
designed to hear from us. Fill in your first and last name and email
address. Where it says,"Please choose your subject," click on the blue
side-bar and drag down to and select "Gender-neutral marriage. AB00043. Click
"Submit" and it will take you to the next page. Now where it says,
"Your position," click "Pro" and write your email. Then "Send email." In
a nice way, encourage the Governator to stop blocking marriage

Friday, September 14, 2007

Alan Howard Appointed By Governor Schwarzenegger To State Commission

Governor Appoints Another Log Cabin Member to State Board Bringing Total State Board and Commission Appointees to Seven
Sacramento – Log Cabin announced that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed Alan Howard 36, of Carmel , California to the California Osteopathic Medical Board. Since 2004, he has served as a project manager for American President Lines, a global leader in container shipping, logistics and technology management. Howard previously held several positions including director for the TNT Post Group, where he worked from 1994 to 2002. This position does not require Senate confirmation and the compensation is $100 per diem. Howard follows the appointments in recent weeks of Leonard Olds, a founder of Log Cabin, to the California Council for the Humanities and Don Norte to the Governor’s Council on the Employment of People with Disabilities.
Alan Howard joined the national board of the Log Cabin Republicans in 2005. He is the owner of a real estate development business in Carmel and provides consulting services on systems development, implementation, and project management to the transportation industry.
Mr. Howard holds a degree in Economics from Wheaton College and an MBA in International Management from Thunderbird. He is active in the Thunderbird Alumni Association, was president of the Thunderbird Netherlands Chapter.
“Log Cabin is proud to provide a talent pool to the Governor for service to the citizens of California ,” said James Vaughn, Director of California Log Cabin Republicans. “Alan Howard is another strong leader and will provide a terrific business background and conservative philosophy to this important Board.”
Log Cabin is focusing its efforts on recruiting LGBT Republicans for appointment to positions of influence and public service at the state and local level. Governor Schwarzenegger has appointed over twenty five LGBT staff, board, commission and other staff political appointees. Besides Alan Howard, Don Norte and Leonard Olds, other openly gay State Commission and Board appointees include; Jon Stordahl (Commission on Teacher Credentialing); Patrick Adams (Fair Employment and Housing Commission); Greg Gandrud (Recreational Trails Committee); and Rory Diamond (Student Aid Commission) as well as Tod Burnett (Vice Chancellor, California Community Colleges) among other political staff appointees.
Log Cabin Republicans, founded in California , is the nation’s largest organization of Republicans, who support fairness, freedom, and equality for gay and lesbian Americans. Log Cabin has state and local chapters nationwide, a Washington office, a Sacramento office and a federal political action committee.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Has California Already Been Marginalized???

John McCain was the only presidential contender to speak at this weekend's semiannual convention at the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort and Spa. It s less than 4 months from when the ballots are sent out for the Feb. 5, 2008 primary.
The lack of presidential candidates is significant to this participant and it contributed to a sense that Ron Nehring and Company ‘s state party lacks energy and focus.
I feel like they have written us off. Lets face it, actions speak louder than words, and we have a lot of electoral votes."
McCain's typical luncheon speech covered familiar ground so there is not much to report. McCain told reporters that he limited his speech to the war to stress how seriously he views the debate. But McCain acknowledged that his party has lost a connection with voters. "The corruption. The spending out of control. The lack of ability to handle Katrina. Our failures in Iraq," he said. "We've lost the trust and confidence of the American people, and we've got to get it back."
Although not all of the delegates had arrived in time to hear Schwarzenegger's speech Friday, it fueled informal discussions over Margaritas at the Esmeralda pool on Saturday. Overheard discussions were both for and against Schwarzenegger's argument, and pivoted on a crucial point: Should the party compromise on what many consider to be core positions in order to win elections?
By the way, the pool was one of the highlights of the weekend.
The absence of presidential candidates other than McCain is evidence of the failure of California's moved-up primary to achieve a prime goal: giving the state's voters a bigger say in determining the major party candidates.
Instead of wooing Republican activists here this weekend, former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani campaigned Friday in Florida and Saturday in Texas. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney campaigned Saturday in Iowa and New Hampshire, but planned a day off today in Massachusetts. Newly declared candidate Fred Thompson, a former actor and senator from Tennessee, was in Iowa and New Hampshire over the weekend. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-El Cajon) had planned to attend, but backed out at the last minute to remain in Washington ahead of the Iraq report to Congress.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Gov. Schwarzenegger appoints Log Cabin Republicans

(PHOTO: Gov. Schwarzenegger (l) & Don Norte (r).)

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently appointed Leonard Olds, one of the founders of the Log Cabin Republicans, to the California Council for the Humanities, and on Aug. 27, the governor announced the appointment of Don Norte, a board member of Log Cabin Los Angeles, to the California Governor’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities.

“Once again, we applaud the governor for demonstrating his commitment to bringing the best and brightest to public service from all segments of the California community,” said James Vaughn, director of California Log Cabin Republicans, in a statement.

Olds, 64, of Laguna Beach, has been a leader in Log Cabin since 1984 and started the Riverside County Log Cabin chapter in 1991, which he has served as president. LCR is an organization dedicated to building a more inclusive Republican party for LGBT people.

Norte works for West Hollywood’s Department of Transportation and Public Works.