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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger & The California Recovery Team

This is from an email I received after a tele-conference with the Governor today.

Today, the Governor held a conference call to give an update on the California budget. As the Governor mentioned, the state budget is now 45 days late. The budget passed by the Assembly and for consideration in the Senate is a balanced budget. Governor Schwarzenegger has pledged to further reduce spending and eliminate the operating deficit by using his veto power to the tune of $700 million. With every day that passes more and more critical services that Californians depend on are threatened.

The Governor appreciates your support as he continues to work with the Legislature to pass this balanced budget. He asked me to circulate the attached, more detailed information on the budget debate, including an opinion-editorial by the Governor that ran in the San Jose Mercury News this past Friday.


Gary Hunt
California Recovery Team

Here is what followed:

State budget plan reflects Republican Party's values
By Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger
San Jose Mercury News
Article Launched:08/10/2007 01:35:40 AM PDT

Last week, state Sen. Abel Maldonado, who represents parts of southern Santa Clara County, broke ranks with the Senate Republican caucus and supported the state budget. By doing so, he represented his constituents' best interests while supporting our Republican ideals. His vote embodies something we need more of in government: the strength to follow our convictions while also doing what's best for the people.

Make no mistake about it: This is a strong Republican budget.

This budget does not raise taxes and is fiscally responsible. It increases our state's reserve to $3.4 billion. This is the highest it has ever been at the time of a budget signing, and is a full $1.4 billion above the reserve I proposed in the May revision.

This budget also pays down an additional $2.5 billion in debt, which includes $1 billion in prepayment of Economic Recovery Bonds and $88 million in other repayments.

And perhaps most important, this budget would zero out the operating deficit. I committed to use my veto power to eliminate the $700 million deficit that remained in the budget that was passed by the Assembly - which then would raise the reserve to $4.1 billion.

This budget also invests in California's priorities by fully funding K-12 and higher education, public safety, rural sheriffs, local jails and other important state programs.

Republican senators initially refused to support the budget because they wanted to eliminate the operating deficit - a goal I supported. My commitment to veto the entire operating deficit should have ended the debate.

Unfortunately, Senate Republicans, except for Sen. Maldonado, decided they would continue holding up the budget in an effort to address concerns they have with environmental regulations.

Let me be perfectly clear - it is unacceptable to hold up the budget, and negatively impact the entire state, over a non-budget issue.

Once the Republican senators achieved their promise to balance the budget, they should have joined Sen. Maldonado and passed it.

The budget is now six weeks late, leaving one of the world's largest economies without a spending plan. The ramifications are real and far-reaching.

The state controller already has been forced to withhold $1.1 billion in July payments to hospitals, community colleges, nursing homes and other programs. He said he will have to withhold nearly twice that much this month. This means vulnerable seniors could lose their care in nursing homes; victimized women and children won't have access to domestic-violence services; repairs to our roads and levees could be delayed through the winter; and we risk losing the critical personnel who screen sexually violent predators when they leave prison.

Some Republican senators have dismissed the concerns many of us have about the impacts of a delay. I totally disagree. It is very serious to the lives of many Californians.

In Sen. Maldonado's district, a private company that runs nursing homes for 600 seniors didn't get the $722,000 Medi-Cal check due from the state last Monday. Monterey Peninsula and Cuesta community colleges are exhausting their contingency funding, and officials fear they will run out of cash if the stalemate drags on. Students cannot get Cal Grants. Many other services are also in jeopardy.

In Orange County, home to Senate Republican leader Dick Ackerman, checks totaling $4.4 million in homeowner and rental assistance to the aged, blind and disabled have not been sent. That number grows every day.

I am also concerned that if we don't have a budget when the Assembly comes back from its recess Aug. 20, Assembly members could reopen issues where bipartisan compromises already have been reached. This would delay the budget even more and increase pressure for additional spending.

Thousands of lives are negatively affected by our failure to do the job we were elected to do. I support Sen. Maldonado's "yes" vote because this is a budget that reflects our Republican values: It is balanced, fiscally responsible and doesn't raise taxes. Now, in the senator's words, "It's time we start moving forward on getting a budget for the people of California."

GOV. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER wrote this article for the Mercury News.