Kevin And Don Respond To Being Self Loathing

Looking back at their journey from the Stonewall Democratic Club to Log Cabin Republicans, they claim it was one that was actually started by the democrats. After being told that marriage as not a priority on the agenda in 1995, they became disillusioned with the DEMS. For a decade they felt like they did not belong until they met the republicans of the Log Cabin Republican Club and discovered they too shared a dream of marriage equality. This blog is now a digital time capsule of their time as Republicans and moderated by a friend and supporter.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

New Jersey On Board

The nation is looking toward New Jersey this week after a recent court decision to treat domestic partnerships the same as marriage under the law. It goes to show you despite the howling from the bible belt states a bridge across the country is looking more realistic.
There are a lot of people who get red in the face whenever the words "marraige" and "gay" get thrown around as if it were "normal" in the eyes of GOD. The problem is that the legal system, religion and public opinion are not on the same page at the same time. Nor should they try to be. Each are developing at its own pace. The Constitution provides the framework for government by the people- not by religous sect. Government of late need not be concerned about the sanctity of marriage to provide equal protection under the law. The IRS does not nullify the union of a man and a woman if a heterosexual couple commits what is deemed by the bible as a sin, so why should that dialogue even enter the picture with a gay couple? The pious don't realize they don't have a monopoly on basic civil rights. We who sin, (and yes that means you too) should not have our civil rights put in legislative purgatory. We all get to heaven. First-class, business-class or coach we all wind up at the same airport.